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What do Cloud Computing and the Oregon Trail Have in Common?

Posted by Ben Trowbridge on Tuesday, 08 March 2011 23:48
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Cloud Computing is a lot like U.S. Westward expansion in the 1800s. Every person is out for themselves and they will either strike it rich or die trying.

Providers are already jockeying for the opportunity to define the standards of Cloud Computing, meanwhile new cloud offerings and companies are popping up everywhere at a rapidly growing pace.

Just like early American pioneers who traveled Westward into uncharted territories, those embarking on the Cloud journey must carefully choose which supplies to take and which to leave, which route they are best suited for, and enlist a trustworthy trail boss in order to successfully reach their desired destination.  

The Right Supplies for Survival

There are many resources available to help CIOs and executives determine which tools are best for their organization by offering buyers an opportunity to see how common applications are performing globally across various cloud providers.

There are at least some attempts to help Cloud pioneers understand the market, but little to actually help them enter the market. However it is a good idea to find a trail boss; someone who has made this journey many times before and can offer suitable advice based on your requirements and capabilities while offering a repeatable methodology and process that has assisted others who have traveled before you.

Finding the Right Route  

Oftentimes, companies are not sure they are strong enough to make the Cloud journey.

This could be due to infrastructure dependencies not available in the Cloud, complexity of applications, or an organizational readiness that is just not up to par. To learn more, companies take advantage of the Alsbridge Cloud Alignment Workshop.

In this collaborative workshop, you are presented with various case studies from people who have already successfully made the Cloud journey, which discuss infrastructure and application maturity assessments and how the capabilities of various providers in the market stack up against your own requirements and capabilities. If there are components that qualify, then it is a matter of setting a direction. Remember, this is just a qualification – the journey has yet to be planned.

Which Route is Best? (IaaS and PaaS Compared)

There is no such thing as a “best route” in cloud computing. It is a matter of aligning your capabilities and requirements with a set of provider characteristics and delivery models that are either a match or not. 

Provider selection can mean the difference between success and failure in the Cloud. Each provider is unique in their own right and no one provider can meet everyone’s needs, although some will lead you into believing so. The last thing you want to do is go sign up for services before knowing what you need.

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